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Ax4x No Assists Series (FM5)

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Ax4x No Assists Series (FM5)

Post by Flyin Mikey J on Sat Nov 16, 2013 8:50 am

I am proud to never use TCS on anything under S Class, and want to take that further by never turning it on in FM5... ever. And I abhor use of the brake line in any league races. Finding out that some, maybe many, racers in upper lobbies do so bothers me to no end.

To help us, as a team, improve our driving w/o any assists, I propose a race series here at Allied Forces that may do just that. I'd like to wait until most of us have the new game and console to do this, but if enough of the team get it day one, it could work then too I guess.

My plan would be to take a bottom class (F in FM4, but who knows in FM5?) RWD car, such as the Datsun 510 or Ford Pinto, and run a series with it where all assists are forced off. Each week, the PI would go up one class, until it is maxxed out via upgrades and swaps. using the FM4 model, the schedule could look like this:

Round 1: F Class/200 PI at (a shortest track, such as Camino Mini)
Round 2: E Class/275 PI at (small track, such as Tsukuba Short)
Round 3: D Class/350 PI at (smallish track, such as Silverstone Nat)
Round 4: C Class/425 PI at (midsize technical track, such as Nurb GP Short)
Round 5: B Class/500 PI at (midsize midrange track, such as Laguna Seca)
Round 6: A Class/600 PI: at (midsize power track, such as Road Atlanta Full)
Round 7: S Class/700 PI at (speed track, such as Sebring Full)
Round 8: R3/maximum PI of the car at Indy GP

Early on, as you are racing a car with little power and mostly grip upgrades, not using assists should be no problem for anyone. By taking it up a class each week, it would give those who have always used assists a gradual learning curve to ween them off assists. By the end, after getting used to a car that has far exceeded its grip limits with all that power, whoever runs in this series should be able to drive almost anything w/o the use of any assists.

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