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Brief History

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Brief History

Post by Windcharger8199 on Sat Jun 14, 2014 4:22 am

As some of you have not raced in one of the previous two seasons I will give you a brief History of the series.

The Series started in late 2011 with Myself, rolltide424, xixBUSTERxix, jd598, protienjuice, Elmo 109, Crazy GERMAN###, and one of Elmo and Germans Bronie friends.  The Series got off to a bang with protienjuice winning he season opener at Benchmark Superspeedway over Buster who have tandem drafted with me to get back up to the front.  The Series saw Protien and jd eventually leave the series but not before each had claimed a win.  At the end of the season Elmo and his friends started to drive more aggressively and soon the Bronie found himself facing suspension for intentionally spinning out to cause cautions just to get back on the lead lap.  after all three didn't show up for the final 3 races, it came down between rolltide, Buster and myself for the championship.  Coming out of the final turn at Road America in a 50 Lap Double Points season finale, rolltide and Buster collided parting the seas for me to take my second victory of the season, however it wasn't enough to give me the championship as rolltide finished second clinching the Ingaural DTM Title.

Season 2 saw Allied Forces represented as well as UpperEdge Racing League cousins gabhart and caps28.  gabhart and caps dominated the opening round at Benchmark mastering the Tandem and the switch to take the victory.  However later that season controversy would strike as after I lagged out of the Sprint segment of the Sebring Race, caps28 jumped two restarts and spun Mikey on the final turn to take victory, which was shortly revoked and handed to 2nd Place xixBUSTERxix.  caps and gabhart left and Mercedes was shut out until Hockenhiem's second race of the season where LMR Bandit broke through for Mercedes.  althrough that race didn't see an Audi entered in the event.  The final Race at Road America was shortened to 10 laps due to running the final 2 events in 1 night.  xixBUSTERxix had clinched the championship just by starting the final race, but me and rolltide were tied for second in the points.  rolltide eventualy clinched second place and I was third.

Now Season 3 has rolled around with a shorted schedule which sees no track have two dates, the Bernese Alps removed from the schedule as well as Camino Mini.  I look forward to a great season full of the good kind of drama and close battles on the track.  Who will win the championship this year will it be an Audi Driver for the third straight year or will Mercedes finally clinch a drivers championship.  it all starts July 10th...are you ready.........


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WRL Valvoline German Touring Car Series 2013a 2nd (Drivers Championship)
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First TORA Win: TCR GT Revival S1 R5 Silverstone International.
2013 TCR 4Hrs of LeMons 6th overall, 4th in Class (Underpowered)
2013 TEC 12Hrs of Nurburgring.  14th overall, 10th in Class (Myself, AdamWatson99, Joito04 and LMR Bandit)
   -#92 Ax4x Driven By Mopar SunTrust/LEFturn SRT Viper
2014 TEC 12 Hours of Sebring - 19th Overall, 12th in Class (Myself, Freebie 53 and Zeta0085)
   -#81 Warpath Motorsports Guy Roofing Corvette
2015 TCR HCR Suzuka 1000K - 8th Overall, 3rd in Class (Myself, Skoda, and ErebusV8)
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