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Valvoline DTM Rules and Schedule

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Valvoline DTM Rules and Schedule

Post by Windcharger8199 on Sat Jun 14, 2014 4:10 am


Benchmark Superspeedway - 32 Laps - July 10th
Hockenhiemring - 22 Laps - July 17th
Catalunya - 22 Laps - July 24th
Sunset Superspeedway - 32 Laps - July 31st
Road Atlanta - 25 Laps - August 7th
Mugello - 20 Laps - August 14th
Nurburgring GP - 25 Laps - August 21st
Sebring - 2 Hour Endurance - 2x 1 Hour Stints - August 28th (6:30PM EST)
Silverstone - 25 Laps - September 4th
Indianapolis Oval - 32 Laps - September 10th (Wednesday Night)
Maple Valley - 21 Laps - September 18th
Infineon Long - 25 Laps - September 25th
Sunset Infield - 23 Laps - October 2nd
Suzuka - 26 Laps - October 9th
Benchmark C - 40 Laps - October 16th
Indianapolis GP - 29 Laps - October 23rd
Le Mans - 24 Laps - October 30th
Sedona Club - 30 Laps - November 6th
Motegi Full - 21 Laps - November 13th
Road America - 25 Laps - November 20th
Nordschleife - 10 Laps - Winners Showcase/Non-Points Event - November 27th

Two Notes.

Indianapolis Oval Race is run on a Wednesday because that Thursday is September 11th. I do not run any races in Series that I host on that day out of respect for those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Sebring is 2 1 Hour Stints.  Co-Drivers are optional.  Completing half of the first stint will earn you points for the event.

Rules and Regulations

The full Rules Doc is here:

Please read and understand most of it.  The Penalty system is still in the works as it may be a little strict.  But for those who don't have time to read it all here is the shorter version.

Rules and Etiquette:
Max Respect at all times to all drivers, please call your lines and make sure that everyone can hear Race Control (Lobby Host) at all times.  I don't mind friendly banter, but please don't be screaming everyones ears off all the time.

DTM is a non-contact series, it is expected that some contact may be due to lag and will therefore not be subject to review.

Race Day
Qualifying will take place before each event and will be 1 Warm-Up Lap, 4 Flying Laps and 1 Cool down lap where the drivers will park in turn 1 while the lobby Host takes down the times.  On Ovals you will only get 2 Flying Laps.  Damage will be set to Limited, with Collisions OFF.  

Each Race is expected to last anywhere between 35-50 minutes, some may take 1 hour or more.  Once the Race starts, each race will start with a rolling start.  The pole winning driver gets his/her choice of what line they start the race from, while Odds will be on the Inside of the first corner and odds on the outside.  All Restarts are single file and you can change lanes before the line and pass as long as the green has been called.  If you jump the restart you will receive a drive through penalty or a time penalty of the same equivalent.

There will be 2 Mandatory Pit stops during each race between a set lap count. Ovals and tracks with no pit road are the exception.

On Road Courses the Damage will be Set to Limited, Ovals will have Cosmetic Damage. Tracks with no Pit lane/Ovals there will be no pitstops

You may have up to three PRIMARY sponsors on your car. but as many non-primary (Contingency) sponsors as you wish so long as they do not conflict with any on your car or your teammates.  You also cannot have the same sponsor as someone else, UNLESS it is an Audi Sport or AMG livery as those are Manufacturer based.

Track Limits
I personally wont be very strict on track limits.  However if you are forced to cut a corner due to the driver you are passing blocking you or due to an accident then you will be able to maintain any position gained.  But if you cut the corner to gain an advantage they you will have to give the position back within the next three corners or face a time penalty.  You cannot pass below the white line on Ovals.  I will also not be enforcing running wide in certain corners.  For full details of this rule please refer to the rules doc linked above.

Points System

1st – 150                15th – 95               29th – 53               43rd – 11
2nd – 145               16th – 92               30th – 50               44th – 8
3rd – 140               17th – 89               31st – 47                45th – 5
4th – 135               18th – 86               32nd – 44               46th – 2
5th – 130               19th – 83               33rd – 41               47th and
6th – 126               20th – 80               34th – 38                Lower – 1
7th – 122               21st – 77                35th – 35
8th – 118               22nd – 74               36th – 32
9th – 114               23rd – 71               37th – 29
10th – 110             24th – 68               38th – 26
11th – 107             25th – 65               39th – 23
12th – 104             26th – 62               40th – 20
13th – 101             27th – 59               41st – 17
14th – 98               28th – 56               42nd – 14

There will be 6 Championships up for grabs. Drivers, Teams, Privateer, Manufacturer, Tire and Rookie of the Year.

All Drivers who have not started at least 1 race in one of the previous 2 DTM Seasons or in Bandits DTM at TORA will be required to run NASCAR Style Rookie Stripes on their back bumper.

I hope everyone enjoys this season and I look forward to racing with you all.


WRL Pepsi Max Cup Series Champion
WRL Valvoline German Touring Car Series 2013a 2nd (Drivers Championship)
WRL Valvoline German Touring Car Series 2013b 3rd (Drivers and Teams Championship)
First TORA Win: TCR GT Revival S1 R5 Silverstone International.
2013 TCR 4Hrs of LeMons 6th overall, 4th in Class (Underpowered)
2013 TEC 12Hrs of Nurburgring.  14th overall, 10th in Class (Myself, AdamWatson99, Joito04 and LMR Bandit)
   -#92 Ax4x Driven By Mopar SunTrust/LEFturn SRT Viper
2014 TEC 12 Hours of Sebring - 19th Overall, 12th in Class (Myself, Freebie 53 and Zeta0085)
   -#81 Warpath Motorsports Guy Roofing Corvette
2015 TCR HCR Suzuka 1000K - 8th Overall, 3rd in Class (Myself, Skoda, and ErebusV8)
-#88 Ax4x Maranello Motorsport Southern Star Development Ferrari 458 Italia

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